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…I am bad and I am good, you are bad but you are good. I find that actually 100% of the time we forget we have both, even a priest has bad, his own struggles, his own regrets. Why do we crucify each other if the nature of existence is black and white. I really don’t know how many of you read my shit or even care, if one person cares that is an accomplishment. But even a guy in prison for the worst of crimes, has that good in him, even if is all covered up by the bad, we look at a whore and condemn her for what she does, when the way society works and how she came up may have made is hard for her to get a “regular” job and maybe she has three kids that need her so she does what she must. We need to stop judging and pointing and condemning, for a crime that may really in the scheme of things mean nothing we will destroy lives and families. When the arresting officer may have a drinking problem. I mean why not ask why people do what they do, why not understand. I hate the world, I do because it is so fucked up and people think is normal, people just say oh that is what it is.
How do we say that, even with fat people, or blacks, why do you have to crucify others to make your point, why do we need to pull down, to pick up, we are all black and white and grey, we all have demons, misconceptions, skeletons in the closet, some more than others, but even in that, if you grew up or were treated a certain way you might be the same. The law is black and white but how can it be when we are all a kaleidoscope of colours. How can we hold things like money and fame to such high esteem and condemn others who do what ever they can to get it. You set the bar, if you dont have a job letter you cant get this loan, even though you work your ass off selling coconuts at the side of the road. This is criminal, this is wrong. And because of the media and your parents, your peers, that girl that has never met you but judges you from across the street, all we keep seeing is the bad, and it is just destroying us, and has been destroying us, and I honestly wish I knew how to stop it. But we need to look at each other and ourselves and find something good, I am not saying that you shouldn’t punish people. But we need a better way of judging each other, we need a better way of loving.
There is pain that goes so deep it will change you and the same goes for joy. And to find the joy is the only way, to see the good and the bad and just see a life, a person.
Cause we are all good and bad, and pain and joy, hate and love, we are these things we unfortunately at times are human. And we forget that, a person that brushes you as you walk down the street, the beggar, people we don’t “see”, they are nothing. And as understandable as that is, wrong. It’s wrong we don’t care, is wrong we are so fucking blind that we only see what is in our face. I dont even know what I am saying, I just sometimes feel so fucking sad, because I am so flawed and sometimes you just want someone to ask you what’s wrong, or not care you are flawed. To have more than “hey what’s up” as your FB conversation with 20 people. Sometimes I wish the officer that stops, you form speeding asks you, hey kid what is on your mind that has you so angry that you are doing 120kph. How will we get better, if we find so much joy in the negative.
Maybe we won’t maybe my thoughts, worries, dreams and nightmares mean nothing, same goes for you. Honestly, I am tired of the my country, this world, the fucking human race. Why should I have pride in anything, that holds so much pride in itself for nothing, for no reason.
Why can’t we uplift more, feel more, ask criminals what is wrong, and change it for the next generation. How can we hold such a corrupt, unfair, inhumane system of everything to such high esteems. I ask a lot of questions. But we are good and we are bad, we are black, white and grey. That alone should unite us, but it can’t. We all sin all sinners, but because you do heroin instead of fucks 100s of women you are worse than me, you are a junkie. How can a junkie not want to be a junkie when the world turned on him and that is how he keeps his sanity, when you give him no one to talk to, laugh and ridicule him. Fuck you.
I am bad and I am good, you are bad and you are good, you are no better than me and I am no worse than you. So hand me a joint and I buy you a drink and sit at the bar together…and talk…
they are few greater pleasures than kissing someone you love. Many times you take it for granted but when their lips aren’t the ones you find every night, you will miss a part of yourself….
"Caw yuh Breathin evryday doan mean dat yuh livin…
All it mean’s dat yuh burnin up yuh energy tuh fit in…”- Deevon Clinton
why do people expect young creatives to be oh so hungry forever, I mean yea we will always be hungry but at some point your scraps won’t be cutting it and we will want a 3 course meal, and it better be steak…
some people have it easy, the fit a mold, and follow that shit their entire life, and as hard as life may seem, it all just works out, they all just follows the manual. Then they are those who can’t find a mold, and everyone, even them selves tries to force them into one, tells them read the manual and you will be fine, but you are never fine, you just keep shifting and changing cause you can’t find your place, you just can’t quite fit and someday, when you are 30, 35, 50…you just kinda stand outside it all, not knowing what the fuck to do….
you have more reverence for your job, than your God…
…you see us as you want to see us…- The breakfast club
…when you grow up, your heart dies…-Breakfast Club
Model: Ramon ‘Doddy’ Dodson


Model: Ramon ‘Doddy’ Dodson

I don’t need a vacation, just a constant adventure….